Tea and Crumpets.

Open the door, get on the floor, everyone do the dinosaur.

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I have to be up for work in 6 hours.
Usually I am very strict with myself to get an early night so I’m not tired for work the following day, however recently I’ve been overcome with a sense of apathy when it comes to such things.
I hate my job, I’ve never even tried to pretend I’ve ever liked it and more so recently it’s becoming more of a task to continue to be employed where I do.
It’s very, very difficult to work in a place that makes you cripplingly depressed, surrounded by people you don’t like but having to pretend you do, drawing the short straw when it comes to favouritism, giving up every social opportunity because you’re either at work or don’t have the energy for it, and never getting a hint of gratitude or recognition despite giving up most weekday evenings and Saturdays to make sure everything is good to go for the next day.
I have to stay there to be able to afford to live, but I have to leave to want to live.
I dunno. Maybe I’m just tired.

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Under a cloudy sky and in a bracing wind 98 steadfast recruits from All Arms Recruit Course 373 Cassino Company marched out in Waiouru watched by their friends and families huddled under blankets against the cold.
Hats were whipped from heads by the strong breeze and careered across the parade ground, and in the end the elements won as recruits were told to remove their head dress before the reviewing parade.
Chief of Army Major General Dave Gawn thanked the gathered families for entrusting their loved ones into the care of the New Zealand Army. “As a father I know that is no small measure of trust.
“Our pledge to you is that they will be well trained and well equipped for any future deployments and when they go on operations they will go armed with the best skills we can give them.”
MAJGEN Gawn told the recruits they were now professional soldiers and with that came the responsibility of service.
“You will now always be a soldier and you will always wear that uniform, even when you take it off.”

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